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JP50 Hose Reel Irrigation Machine

Model No.︰JP50-150m
Brand Name︰Huifa
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Why you buy from us:

1Precision water turbine driving
High efficiency and energy saving and the water turbine can realize stepless speed regulation of recovery speed
2Tube recovery system
Advanced tube recovery system to make sure every layer PE sprinkler irrigation pipe can be arranged in place and accurate.
3.Strong recovery power
Even in very low flow conditions, water spray car still can retrieve the tube fast, the fastest speed can be up to 35 m/hour, which make it easier to adjust the irrigation quantity according to adjust crop demand.
4.Chain transmission
Running noiseless, equipment work more smoothly
5Big size tires
5-8.00 large size tires makes the irrigation machine move stability and convenient even if they are in rugged and muddy road.
6Advanced anti-reversal automatic brakes apparatus
Changing the original brakes apparatus, easier to drag PE pipe human, and avoid reel reverse.
7Best quality PE pipe
Secret formula makes PE pipe high-quality and resistance to use.
Payment Terms︰T/T, Western Union
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