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Vegetable Greenhouse

  • Vegetable Greenhouse
  • Vegetable Greenhouse
Model No.︰G004
Brand Name︰Huifa
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰50 pc
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Product Description
Agricultural film vegetable greenhouse
High quality steel structure
3 layer extruding film

1.  High quality steel structure and long service life: main steel material is all hot dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.

2.  Prefabricated structure. 
All the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantee the optimal performance of anti-corrosion.

3.  Covering is 3 layers extruding film, the outer layer has the function of dustproof and the inner layer anti-dripping; UV block treatment

4.  Side ventilation (optional): Natural Ventilation on two sides, manually Controlled. Insect net is available.

5.  Characters: Easy Frame! Easy Assembly & Move! Economical! Good for vegetable, tree, mushroom and poultry. Especially for large scale production! High mercantile rate of return

Payment Terms︰T/T
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